Copes Column: Introducing Me

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Football…isn't it crazy how something with such an awkward shape, could be the thing that has shaped my life the most? Whether it's the bright lights on a Friday in the fall, or the thrill of a sold out college football stadium, Football is life.
As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I knew I needed to find my niche somewhere in athletics. I was husky, slow and I could barely tie my shoes much less hit a curve ball; therefore soccer, basketball and every other sport was out the window, except for one.
I noticed that in football, you could be one of the big guys that blocks for people and runs a minimal amount (because who really enjoys running). I'd fallen in love with the game, and I decided to strap in for the ride it was about to take me on.
It was the only thing I thought about. The competition, the thrill, the brotherhood. I was hooked. By the time I was in high school, I knew I needed to find a way to make football a permanent fixture in my life. So as high school went on, my love for the pigskin kept growing. I began having success on the field which sparked my interest of playing in college. After mulling over a couple of offers from smaller schools, I decided I would take my "talents" down the road to Norman, Oklahoma and walk-on the football team at OU.
If you've seen the movie "Rudy," then you have an idea of what my year on the football team looked like. I was battered, bruised and beaten. Some of the best defensive linemen in the nation (Gerald McCoy, Ronnell Lewis, Jeremy Beal, Adrian Taylor) got to take their turn dominating the new scout team center. The experience was priceless.
My tenure in an Oklahoma football jersey was short. One year, and I was done. I hung up my cleats, and I accepted the fate that I knew was coming: I was officially a washed-up athlete. My playing days had faded, but my passion for the sport hadn't.
I needed to find a way to avoid a complete break from the sport. So what's the next best option? Become a sports writer.
My journalism career began, and I had found my second love. I was still able to be around the sport I lived for, all while having a forum to discuss it.
My fervor for the game, introduced me to my career.
So this summer I made the move from the Sooner to the Husker State. Writing for a company like Huskerland Preps is a dream of mine, and I look forward to giving my spin on football and the guys who play it.
Whether I'm playing it, or printing it, one thing remains the same: Football is life.